Absolutely brilliant at keeping the glass looking great!

“We’ve been using ClearShield on the yacht now for 2 years and it has been absolutely brilliant at keeping the glass looking great and easy to clean... ClearShield has lasted well and coped with the rigours of the marine environment. I wouldn’t be without it.”

ClearShield never disappointed!

I had tried every product on the market to try and remove scum from my shower glass. The results, despite all the guarantees , were always disappointing. Responding to an ad in our local paper gave me hope. ClearShield claimed to restore your old shower glass back to its ‘as new appearance’ and then guarantee it to remain in pristine condition, with minimal effort, for years to come. ClearShield never disappointed. Both showers looked like new and have remained like that since. We think ClearShield is fabulous and recommend it 100%.

Excellent finish and longevity of application

I have had the pleasure of experiencing the superior quality of the ClearShield product for fifteen years now both in my own home and many of the rental properties I manage. Over the years I have had many comments about the beautiful condition of my glass showers. This, I have no doubt is a result of this excellent product and have no hesitation in recommending it.

In my experiences as a property manager for over twelve years now, I have seen several of these products in practice and most definitely consider ClearShield as the product of choice for an excellent finish and longevity of application.

Brent in my opinion is an extremely thorough and reliable operator in this field, something I consider is paramount to the success of the product