What is ClearShield?

ClearShield "Non-Stick" Glass is a unique and higher quality of glass which keeps its promise of clarity, visibility and easy cleanability.

How much does it cost?

New showers consisting of two sides are priced at a flat rate of $280 plus GST. Showers that require restoration can vary in price, but a general guideline would be to add another $100-$150 on top of new shower price. Glass balustrades, exterior glass and splashbacks are quoted on a m2 rate. Volume and accessibility is taken into account when quoting.

How long does it last?

With a simple and economical after-care program, ClearShield glass looks and performs like new for up to fifteen years for exterior glass, up to ten years for glass shower doors and two years on marine glass.

What is After Care & what is its purpose?

The after-care program consists of:
(1) A routine after-care product Limescale Remover, especially formulated to enhance the appearance and performance of ClearShield glass.
(2) A Conditioner used on a periodic basis to rejuvenate the performance of ClearShield glass.

Where is the conversation process carried out?

This process can be carried out on new glass in the factory, or by a trained applicator on site after the glass has been installed in buildings etc.

Does this have any effect on glass color, optical properties, or light transmission?

No, except to maintain the original performance by keeping the glass cleaner and brighter.

Does ClearShield Non-Stick Glass require cleaning?

Yes, again! Just as "Non-Stick" cookware needs some cleaning, so does ClearShield Glass. On average, cleaning is required less than half as often as untreated glass.

What if the glass is already installed and has become stained?

For glass already stained and discolored - if the ClearShield Renovating System can restore the surface of the glass to its original and "as new" appearance, then we can treat the surface of glass with ClearShield.

What will attack ClearShield glass?

Similar to "Non-Stick" cookware, abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals can attack the surface of ClearShield Glass. However, such products are not necessary due to the "easy-clean" properties of ClearShield Glass.

Can ClearShield be used for plastics such as acrylics or polycarbonates?

No. ClearShield only works on vitreous surfaces such as glass, ceramics and porcelain. It washes off other surfaces.

How do we clean ClearShield non-stick glass?

Ritec have developed special after-care products to maintain the performance and appearance of ClearShield Glass.

Is it necessary to use Ritec special cleaning products for maintaining ClearShield Glass?

Ritec products are recommended because they are specially formulated to maintain the appearance and performance of ClearShield Glass. Other products may be used provided they are not abrasive and do not leave a residue or film. Other products are not recommended.